Anglia School Plovdiv


 There are daily exercise sessions including stretching, breathing and yoga activities, as well as action games which have the children exploring movement and space as individuals and as a group.

An example is an action song like the Hokey Cokey below:

The Hokey Cokey

The Hokey Cokey
You put your left leg in
your left leg out
in out, in out, you shake it all about
you do the hokey cokey and
you turn around
that's what it's all about
oooooh do the hokey cokey
oooooh do the hokey cokey
oooooh do the hokey cokey
knees bend, arms stretch
ra, ra, ra

 Possible procedure:

- stand in a circle for the song
- do the movements and sing
- for the chorus, hold hands and run to the centre and back out again
- change the body part and continue

At Anglia School, we start the day with a number of action activities which include action songs like this one.

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