Anglia School Plovdiv

Early years 2 - 7 years old

Learning at Anglia School is thematically organized with a theme lasting anything from a week to three weeks depending on the size and scope of the content. The learning within these themes is based on a rich cycle of 7 skill areas which include:

a) Action
There are daily exercise sessions including stretching, breathing and yoga activities, as well as action games which have the children exploring movement and space as individuals and as a group.
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b) Story
There are daily story times where the children settle in the reading corner to follow wonderful stories, which are then recycled to exploit the repetition of language and storyline. The stories are carefully chosen along curriculum themes and including topics relevant to children’s lives and interests.
If you are interested in borrowing from our storybook library, just come along in one of the non-contact periods to take a look. Choose a story with your child to take home to read together. We also sell books we read in our classes with your children. Why not buy your own copy?
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c) Drama
The children carry out short plays and are encouraged to play act and adopt roles to explore different characters, their identities and characters and we use puppets and puppet shows to encourage communication in the children. Anglia School has a rich collection of costumes, puppets and masks as a resource base for learning through drama.
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d) Science
A major learning skill area for this age group is investigation. Children at Anglia School are encouraged to ask questions and then to carry out their own investigations to find out answers to their questions.
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e) Music
Anglia School has a great collection of musical instruments and our children are encouraged to work and play with the instruments to discover rhythm. Anglia School children meet a new song everyday thematically linked to the other skill areas and the children create and perform their own songs on a regular basis.
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f) Art
There are paints, brushes (and of course overalls) for all children at Anglia School and our children have regular opportunities to create their own artwork to take home with them, again related to the theme of the moment.
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g) Maths
Numbers, shapes and sizes take a centre space in the learning curriculum of Anglia School, in fact along with art and literacy, numeracy work is a skill which our children practice on a daily basis.
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