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All the themes, materials and links for the discussions in Anglia Cafe will be gathered here.

03) - Meeting and discussion on the theme of 'Emotions and children' 
We often feel alone with the problems and emotions of our children. Come to a discussion meeting on the theme 'Emotions and children for us to discuss what psychology tells us on this topic and to share our own experiences, with psychologist Ralitsa Bresnichka in Anglia Cafe this coming Thursday (10.10.19) from 12.45-14.15. The meeting will be in Bulgarian.

You can get Ralitsa's presentation from here.

02 - Discussion on nutrition for 0-3 year olds
We will discuss the basic principles of a balanced diet during pregnancy and breast feeding and how we can gradually familiarize our children with the culinary delights of the world.
You're welcome to join us, there will be games for young and old.
Entrance: 5.00lv
It was interesting, if was fun. We learned a lot of useful things, both us from you and you from us. Thank you very much for your participation in our event. Thanks also to Anglia Cafe and Baharika Shop for collaboration. We will see each other again very soon!

Here is the presentation from the discussion

01 - Raising boys
During January, 2019 in Anglia Cafe, become familiar with important information for raising boys, and for sharing ideas and opinions.

 I'm sharing here Rali's message and link to her presentation:
'Hi, am sending the Google link where you will find the presentation I prepared based on Steve Biddulph's book (PPT linked).
I'm happy and excited that the theme has provoked such interest and most importantly a sharing of very valuable and emotional parental experiences and observations. I'm waiting with anticipation for our next meeting, to continue our discussion - how to raise boys.
Please share so we can gather more people interested in this theme.
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